To My Children With Special Needs

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Micah Pederson

Micah Pederson

I am a mom to two children biologically and many children through foster care. My husband and I have been married three years. Our foster home is a...

We have been through a lot together.

Together we have cried hard and loved harder.

We have been side-by-side in the valley, on the mountaintop, and every place in between.

You have taught me more than all my years of school and every book I’ve read, combined.

You have peeled back the mask on humanity and exposed to me both the beauty and the darkness of the human heart.

Your smile has gifted me with the strength I needed to push through impossible days, and your dependence has reminded me how fulfilling it is to live beyond my own selfish desires.

I’ve held you as you have brushed against death and I’ve witnessed your fierce will to live.

You have been my hero--the embodiment of strength and bravery that I can only dream of becoming.

You have reminded me that so much of what this world deems valuable is worthless rubbish in comparison to the beauty of the few things that last for eternity.

You have a way of unveiling raw intentions and motives, teaching me which relationships are worth fighting for and which ones are best to let go.

Because of you, I love your (foster) daddy more than I ever thought possible.

I love the way you dance without restraint, speak the truth in a hundred different ways, and laugh hysterically during the quiet part of the church service.

I love how you are truly unphased by what other people think and instead live fully from your heart.

I love how goals, restrictions, expectations, and limits are meaningless to you.

You take one day at a time and take each new joy and challenge in stride, reaching heights above anything anyone could have anticipated.

When I feel lonely, you snuggle in close and tell me I am loved in a million ways without saying a single word.

When I feel like I’ve failed, your life reminds me of purpose and grace.

When I feel afraid, you flash me a grin and your bravery seeps into my soul.

I love how you have never judged another, but lavish love on all—even those who don’t return it.

You exchange kindness for hatred, you smile at those who ignore you, and you don’t take to heart those who underestimate and criticize you.

You have grown in me an immense appreciation for simplicity and sweet mundane moments with the ones I love most.

You have taught me to fight, to be a mama bear, and to not accept failure.

When my selfishness takes over and bitterness nips at my heart and mind, you never hesitate to forgive me and love me completely in return.

You, more than anyone, have taught me who Jesus is; how much I need Him; and how much He loves us.

He was so good to share you with me.

I hope you always know without a doubt that you are one of the most beautiful things I could have encountered on this side of heaven.

You are brave.

You are funny.

You are unique.

You are mighty.

You are kind, humble, and real.

You are YOU.

I look up to you and I am so very of proud you.

With so much love,

Your (foster) Mom


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