To My Superhero for Father’s Day

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Brittney Baumgartner

Brittney Baumgartner

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You don't have super human strength, but you are strong enough for both you and I to make it through therapy when I feel like I can't do it.

Before I was born, mommy said that you would always talk to me through her belly.

Teaching me the ways of a jedi when you watched Star Wars, or keeping me updated on the score of a baseball game.

When you found out I would be a boy, you went on a mission to find a strong name for me!

Without even knowing at the time, what lay ahead of me, you knew I could tackle it all.

It wasn't long before the doctors revealed to mommy and you how strong you both would have to be for me.

I thank you everyday for being so tenacious despite everything the doctors told you.

Mommy even told me you cried the day I was born, but don't worry daddy, I wont tell your archenemy.

You may not have known it, but I remember when you would come into the NICU every night to read me a bed time story.

Stories of princes going to save beautiful princesses, or even stories on how to use the potty!

It sure was nice to hear your voice over the many beeps and alarms that went off.

When I came home you had to be very gentle with me.

Your strong hands turned into a soft blanket that kept me warm.

Your immense chest compared to my tiny frame became my snug bed I could just sleep forever on.

I even remember seeing someone as strong as you, crumble in the quake of a diaper change!

Now that I am getting bigger and stronger just like you, you take me on plane rides through the sky flying high in your arms.

Your the best support when I just have to keep my head up in therapy for five more seconds.

Things may come a little different for me, but you always seem to find a way to help me succeed.

With your future seeing skills, we know that one day I will have to be catheterized, will need assistance with walking, and still have those countless visits to the doctor.

But I am not scared daddy.

You say that you have never seen someone fight as hard as I have, but I have.

I have seen you go to work everyday so that mommy can stay home and take care of me. I have seen you work extra hours, just so that we could put a little more into savings for that special chair that will help me get around easier.

Above all, I see that you love me more and more everyday, ignoring that ever persistent fear of not knowing what may happen.

I am strong through you and my family!

You have shown me what it means to be able.

Marvel may not consider you a superhero, but I do daddy.

My superhero.

So I want to wish you the happiest of Father's day daddy, and a big happy Father's day to all the daddy's out there standing tall for their children.

We love you more than words can express sometimes, and just want you to know we cherish every game update you share, every wrestling move you teach us, every extra inch of covers you can tuck us into at night.

Thank you daddy.




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