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Mother to 3 boys, who are getting older by the second. Married to my best friend, Aaron. Living life day by day, in this rambunctious yet blessed h...

We are still on follow up visits for Oliver and his health, as luckily, nothing has changed and we are doing awesome.

We had our spina bifida clinic, in which we discussed the possibility of HKAFOS (orthotic device that goes from the hips-knees-ankles-foot).

With Oliver pulling to stand and taking steps backwards in his gait trainer, he needs something that will direct his legs in the correct direction when learning to walk, as he can not do this on his own.

The problem we have right now is that he is very small for his age and the device might be a little too bulky for his frame to handle.

It is nice to know that this is something we can do sometime in the future, whereas before it was never a possibility.

We made a new move into a home from our previous duplex, and we are so ecstatic about the extra space we now have!

Although Oliver can crawl around everywhere, he does enjoy using his wheelchair from time to time.

Not having such space constricting walls to maneuver around, he is able to get around like a breeze, zipping from room to room.

The one set back we have faced this month, unfortunately, is that we have lost his disability assistance and medicaid.

Oliver was receiving help from social security for his disability which granted him medicaid for all his medical visits and therapy.

Since Aaron and I got married in December, they count both our incomes together and we no longer qualified (as they base it on income first, then disability second). Silly, I know.

Due to our own lack of awareness, we had him added to a waiting list that counts his income instead of the parents last year.

Another set back - the waiting list for this assistance is years. 2-5 years to be an estimate.

I know that I will find a way somehow, and despite the high costs of visits and therapy, he needs them.

It is so sad that I have heard from many parents that this was the reason they got divorced, or never got married.

Despite the sad news, Oliver has had a great month.

He got to enjoy his very first WWE (wrestling) match! Every Monday and Tuesday he sits with his dad and brothers to watch the matches on tv.

Mommy surprised them for Christmas with tickets to a match, and the time finally came for them to go and experience it in person. They were all smiles filled with joy!

We are so blessed and very much thankful that we get to report another month where nothing major has affected us health wise, and no major changes in Oliver’s health.

Instead we are making major strides forward with physical abilities and making memories each day given!


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