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Versatility of Firefly Equipment

Rochelle Carter by Rochelle Carter Additional Needs

Rochelle Carter

Rochelle Carter

Sharing insights on how we, together as a family, are living life ‘differently’ as a result of Cerebral Palsy in attempt to help raise awareness ar...

Whilst the Firefly equipment is designed for special needs children it is much more versatile than that.

Our ‘typical’ child Isla is the biggest fan of the Firefly Scooot! It is her favourite thing to go out and adventure in when it’s too far for her little legs to carry her.

Our house is full of specialist equipment – Numerous chairs, two standing frames, a walker, a sleep system and so the list goes on. All of the equipment helps Annabelle do all of her daily activities and we are so grateful we have it all but it is also so big and bulky. Consequently, we have less space than we would like for all of the other fun things children like to play with.

Annabelle seeing her little sister enjoying something that we call equipment makes her happy.

She is able to use it but so is her sister and that is a rare luxury.

At present, Isla enjoys sitting in the Scooot and letting us push her along, but once she starts to self-propel this will be a huge motivation for Annabelle to practice her self-propelling and we cannot wait for this! She can watch Isla, she can learn from Isla and then she can try to do it herself.

We always try our very best to adapt things so they are suitable for Annabelle. We want her to use everything she would like to, so she doesn’t miss out, but this involves planning and being creative. The Scooot is so easy, it doesn’t require adapting it’s just ready to go for which ever one of them wants a turn!

Thank you Firefly for creating such a versatile piece of equipment!


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