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I am parent to a gorgeous little blue eyed boy who has complex needs. I have a Facebook page, 'my daily miracle' where I share our life with others...

It was just a regular Sunday afternoon, we were returning home from Church.

Like always we parked up round the back of the house and proceeded to walk up the steps into the yard.

Only this time Tim fell up the steps carrying Zachariah, leaving Zachariah to fly out of his arms and hit his head on the stone floor!

The noise this made will stay with me.

I dropped everything I was holding and ran so fast to scoop him up into my arms.

In an absolute state of panic I just cradled him and kissed him telling him everything was OK, yet I forgot to check Tim was OK.

I rushed inside to take a seat and check Zachariah over who was hysterically crying!

Tim followed us in.

With no visible markings, we decided it was still best to get him checked over.

Given the all clear from the doctors we looked on the incident as a miracle, I mean how could he crack his little head on the concrete floor and come away with no damage?

Our little boy was so blessed to have no bruise, bump, scratch or graze.

His Daddy wasn’t too bad either, coming away with just a few marks.

Needless to say, I am utterly traumatised from the whole thing.

I keep experiencing it over and over again in my head and get very anxious when it comes to us carrying Zachariah to and from the car.

Seeing my boy look so helpless has made me see his disabilities more clearly.

By this I mean, I have learnt to look past Zachariah’s disabilities and just see him for who he is, however seeing him fall like that and have no reflex or anything broke my heart.

It highlighted just how much he relies on his mummy and daddy to do everything for him.

At that moment of time, Tim couldn’t have done anymore for him than he did, he had tripped up the step, grabbed onto a rail which broke and he fell, it was just one of those really unfortunate things.

An unfortunate thing that has screamed so loudly how much we need a more accessible home.

After chasing up the housing situation, and getting no further with it, we are all left feeling a little frustrated and out of our depths with it all.

Until recently, we have been more than grateful with the house we have, but the reality is as Zachariah grows, his needs grow also, this demands the need of a more accessible house and appropriate equipment.

I'm trusting that a house comes up soon and this horrible event can be a forgotten memory.


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