What can Carers do about Stress?

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Ann Hickman

Ann Hickman

Mum to three, special educational needs writer and part-time tutor

Apart from the possible things like carrying, lifting or simply be kept all night, some sources say that the chronic stress of caregiving ages mothers by ten years.

Parents of autistic children get sicker, too.

A study from 2012 discovered that parents with autistic kids were more likely to get common ailments such as colds, coughs and headaches as a direct result of the increased stresses linked to their caring responsibilities.

Even the NHS list being a carer as one of potential causes of stress.

They say thatit's important to tackle the causes of stress in your life if you can, but that not always easy as a carer is it?

Their advice is to accept there's nothing you can do when you have to and refocus your energies elsewhere.

So, here’s some of things I try to do to refocus and do something either for me and the family:

Enjoy the small things.

When the big things seem difficult to deal with, it’s sometimes worth giving you remind a break and looking at the smaller joys of life.  I could worry endlessly about the boys’ education at the moment.  It’s in turmoil.

But if I worry about this all the time I miss out on David’s massive smile while I push him on the swing, sharing Anthony’s delight when he finally gets past that level on the playstation or even the fun of playing with a big balloon.

Common every day (mostly) occurrences that lift the spirits and relief stressful thoughts

Take time for myself

Whether that be reading a book, enjoying a film or having someone come to the house to do my nails.

Me-time is good time.

And it’s easily missed when the kids’ needs seem to be great.

But you must look after the carer, and a bit of pampering goes a long way.


No I don’t mean I’ve joined the gym, but I try and take a short time when I can to fit a little exercise into the day.

Walking to the shop instead of driving.

Scooting to the school or using a short workout app.

I always feel better afterwards even if it has only been for a few minutes.

What suggestions would you give?


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