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What I wish a stranger would see when they first meet Isla

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Sara Stythe

Sara Stythe

By sharing our experiences of what it is like raising a child with special needs people can understand our little people a bit better. Hopefully th...

What I wish a stranger would see when they first meet Isla

When someone first meets Isla they may see a girl who holds herself awkwardly, won’t meet their eyes and is either overly friendly or just plain rude.

However if they were to stick around for a while they might see all the following amazing things about our girl who marches to the beat of her own drum.

That she is kind

She loves her friends and people close to her, her family, her dogs and her teachers.

These people are her world.

She prides herself on being kind although this might look different than grand gestures.

If you have found a friend in Isla you are a special person indeed.

That she has an inquisitive mind

Isla may have been diagnosed with moderate intellectual disability but she is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to subjects that interest her.

She knows the Solar System off by heart and loves to find out how things work.

She just has trouble applying her knowledge into real life.

That she is affectionate

Saying that people with autism aren’t affectionate is not always true.

Isla loves nothing more than a cuddle and is very tactile.

She prefers it to be on her own terms but that is just like anyone else.

That she is hilarious

Isla enjoys making people laugh even if most of the time it isn’t intentional.

You can’t help have a chuckle at the way she expresses herself.

Idioms and irony are slightly lost on her but she can dish out her own version of sarcasm and metaphors.

Her views on the world and her determination to make sure things are done in the correct way.

That she sees the world differently

When with Isla you really do start viewing the way we live our lives in a very different way.

You start seeing the noise, the hustle and bustle and behaviour of humans in a different light.

You will start seeing signs and logos that you have never seen when Isla brings them to your attention.

Isla likes the detail and she will often see things that you would never normally notice.

That she is brave

Going out in a world that doesn’t make sense is scary.

When you afraid of balloons popping, candy/lolly wrappers and rain and ice life can be hard.

She overcomes her fears daily and carries on the best she can. It does help put things in perspective.


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