What Is MY Story?

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Rebecca Toal

Rebecca Toal

Blessed, busy mum to four beautiful girls, the youngest with complex special needs due to extreme prematurity. We are always looking for ways to ma...

What is MY story??!?

You know, my very own, personal, one-of-a-kind, highs and lows, rain and shine, story.

What has happened, where am I going, what do I like, who do I love, all the important stuff.

Would I sugarcoat the times of heartache and pain and disappointment and stress?

Just how I would tell my story would definitely depend on who my audience is.

I would tell my story very differently to my children, than I would say, to a new friend, or to my work colleagues.

I think I would be more truthful to another parent of a child with special needs when it comes to my child, our joys and struggles, and everyday life.

In this age of smartphones, WiFi, tablets and laptops, we all seem to have our social media/Facebook/Instagram, ‘face’, or image.

We all want to project our very best images, the happy, beautiful, ‘perfect’, images of ourselves and our loved ones.

We thrive on the, ‘likes’, and compliments. But is this really real?

Sometimes it seems so removed from reality to me, like we are paying each other lip service.

We all have a deep-down, innate desire for acceptance, friends, comradery and community.

How much stronger would our communities and our friendships be if we only let down some of our walls, shared what really mattered to us.

If we were brave enough to expose our struggles and weaknesses, and had a chance to support each other in everyday life.

If we made more of an effort getting to know each other’s stories.

It’s not easy telling your story.

Telling not only your accomplishments, but your weaknesses and fears, too.

You’ll find though, it’s only when we are honest and real with each other that we can really relate to each other and find true support.

Our children need to hear our stories too.

They are so thirsty for knowledge of the past- they want to know about their heritage, mummy & daddy’s background, the funny stories, the sad stories and everything in between!

Retelling family events, personal events, hopes, dreams, past mistakes with your little ones (as appropriate to their level), strengthens your bond and is really healthy for your parent/child relationship.

And it’s a good thing to encourage them to express themselves as well.

They are unique, complex, wonderful human beings and we should all celebrate our uniqueness and personal journeys in life!


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