Why Scooot Makes a Great Christmas Present…

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Although we’d never call any Firefly product a toy, we definitely put the ‘fun’ in to functional when it comes to equipment for kids with special needs.

So here are the reasons why we think Scooot would make the prefect present for all the kids on your list this year with limited movement.

It’s a 4 in 1

Scooot mobility rider has 4 configurations CRAWL, SCOOT, RIDE & POOOSH

Crawl – Lets kids move and explore on their tummy helping to strengthen upper body and tummy muscles as they lift their head and shoulders.

Scoot – In Scoot function, kids can sit upright and move around using their feet, this encourages their trunk and pelvis to stabilise freeing up their hands to handle objects, play and explore

Ride – Ride allows kids to self-propel and manoeuvre around the floor, building upper body strength and experiencing independent movement as they go.

Pooosh - Pooosh lets somebody else do the hard work. If your child isn't ready to properl themselves yet (or they're just tired) attach the Pooosh handle.

Scooot is loved by ALL kids

There are not many special needs mobility products that involve brothers and sisters, cousins and friends too…

Scooot provides an early experience of independence for lots of kids with limited movement. It frees them to explore, play with pals, chase big brothers and race little sisters without any help.

We bet everyone will be keen to have a go!

Fun & Therapy

It comes with an activity programme…

Now we know the emphasis will be on fun, it is Christmas after all. But once the trees are down and the decorations packed away, our activity programme, created by our team of clinicians will help kids get the most out of their Scooots. Expertly designed to help develop and maintain independent mobility skills.

It’s Portable

Scooot is perfect for keeping at home, visiting friends or relatives, or taking to school…

The Scooot helps kids with mobility limitations be little explorers in lots of different environments. So just like their brothers and sisters they can take their Santa presents out and about.

It might be nice to know that 7% of our sales are going to support the charity Cerebra which supports kids with disabilities and their families in the UK.

Just one last thing Santa, we’re sorry if all the Scooots on your sleigh this year make it extra heavy!

Merry Christmas

The Team at Firefly


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