Amit's Upsee Story

Weight bearing to reduce fear of movement

Amit is a 3 year old girl with Rett Syndrome, a genetic disorder which almost exclusively affects girls. Amit is hypotonic & anxious about movement, making play & interaction difficult for her to enjoy.

Clinical Background

In physical therapy, Amit is working on developing her weight-bearing abilities, to reduce her fear of movement. She also participates in hippotherapy where the multi-dimensional movement of the horse is helping her develop her balance and core postural control.

Our Approach

Amit was assessed using the Upsee, with a view to using it as a therapeutic tool to reduce her fear of movement, develop her weight bearing abilities, and encourage her to initiate movement herself.

The Result

Amit used the Upsee nearly every day as part of her therapy routine with her physiotherapist and her mother, when walking, listening to music or watching television. Initially she leaned back against the adult, but over time she began to stand more upright. Her therapist reported that Amit became more open to movement and more cooperative during therapy. At home, her mother enjoyed walking with Amit, but was unable to sustain this activity due to the prolonged stooping. The Upsee has provided a therapeutic tool for Amit’s therapist, as well as enabling Amit to play more interactively with her younger brother.


Upright Activity, Mobility Harness

Upsee is mobility harness designed to allow children with motor impairment to stand and move with the help of an adult. It allows children with additional needs to experience upright movement like anyone else. Some have been able to stand and hug their little brother or sister for the first time. Some have waved at neighbours on their first ever walk along their own street. And some crossed the playground hand-in-hand with their best friend for the very first time.