Taylor's Scooot Story

“Precursor skills for wheelchairs”

Meet Taylor, she is 6 years old and was born in October 2011, she also has Spina Bifida.

Clinical Background

Along with some other medical conditions, Taylor has a shunt for hydrocephalus and developmental delay. Taylor’s developmental delay means she doesn’t do things at the same time as her peers, there are some things Taylor doesn’t do because they need skills she hasn’t developed. Walking is one of those things Taylor doesn’t do and there was a significant delay in her sitting ability. Eventually, Taylor could sit independently and it was time to see how she could become even more independent.

Our Approach

Connie, Taylor’s brilliant mum, has been and continues to be dedicated to giving her daughter opportunities to give her independence through movement. After making some arrangements with the North Pole, in 2015 Taylor got Firefly’s Scooot for Christmas! With her Scooot, Taylor picked up the skills that let her maneuver herself and interact with her environment, it was brilliant. Outside, she couldn’t use her clever new skills as she had to use a buggy to give her postural support. Connie decided to talk to the lovely people at Dundee’s wheelchair services about Taylor’s options for an occupant controlled wheelchair. The folks at wheelchair services suggested a Little Wave Clik from VIDA Mobility and Taylor’s first assessment with the Clik was successful. In January 2017, Taylor was fitted for her own Clik and she loved it; even on her first attempt, she was able to move it really easily! Taylor has been using her Little Wave Clik for 8 months now; she has gone from being quite gentle with her movements to zooming around school!

The Result

Connie is delighted to share Taylor’s achievements in her independent movement with other families, she is proud as punch. Taylor’s story shows that skills learned at a young age can be applied to enable children to develop and achieve independent mobility with the right aids and the right environment. This story started with Taylor and her Firefly Scooot, which helped her learn the skills that led her to Little Wave Clik and her own independence.


Sit & Ride - Versatile Mobility Rider

Scooot is designed to help children with additional needs develop motor, sensory, cognitive and perception skills through exploration and play in a way that best suits their developmental abilities. Scooot's 4-in-1 design means 4-times the fun and 4-times as many chances to fulfil potential. Scooot has four cool configurations: Scoot, Crawl, Ride, and Pooosh. Your child will benefit from the experience Scooot can provide them with – whether that’s being at floor level, being able to self-propel a little, or even being able to move around independently or being pushed around their surroundings.