10 of the Most Positive & Supportive Things Said to Special Needs Parents

Firefly by Firefly Additional Needs



This is what you told us –

- Focus on the ‘inchstones’ instead of the ‘milestones’.

- After diagnosis I was freaking out and saying ‘What are we going to do?’ A friend said, ‘What do you mean? You’re already doing it, you’ve been doing it for 8 years!’

- Don’t focus on what he can NOT do, always focus on what he CAN do.

- He can do anything and everything, just not yet – he needs to learn his own way.

- No matter what the doctors say, she is gonna be able to do everything they say she couldn’t.

- Zachariah is Zachariah, not his diagnosis. He will lead his own path and that is OK.

- Celebrate every new thing. Don’t wait for just the big.

- Welcome to the warriors club.

- Take each day at a time, try not to get to ahead of yourself.

- You’re a good mom.


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