5 Ways to Keep Warm in a Wheelchair this Winter

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Laura Moore

Laura Moore

Mum to William, the coolest kid in town (who happens to have quadraplegic cerebral palsy). Campaigner, blogger, baker and general fixer.

1. Blankets are great to keep legs warm but they can be annoying when they fall off.

So, invest in a good quality wheelchair or buggy cover which will be designed to stay in place.

Opt for one which is fleece lined and waterproof to ensure legs stay dry if you are caught in the rain. Like this one from Willowbug!

2. Stock up on foot or hand warmers

They are great and would be ideal for wheelchair users who suffer from cold feet.

They stay warm for up to 6 hours so perfect if you’re heading out somewhere cold for the day.

3. Wear a hat

Although it is a myth that we lose most of our body heat through our heads, wearing a hat is still a great way to keep warm!

But if your child is anything like mine, you might find hats are hard to keep in place.

Opt for a hood instead – either on a hooded jumper or on a coat, it’ll do just as good a job and can’t fall off!

4. Layer up

I’m sure it wasn’t just my mum who used to tell me to put another jumper on when I was cold?

Wearing a few layers will always keep you warmer but taking them on and off of a disabled child is not always easy.

Arm warmers, leg warmers and even a Harmaki tummy wrap might be a good alternative solution.

5. Wear gloves or mittens.

Keeping hands warm is always going to help with keeping your body warm.

It can be difficult to get gloves onto William’s hands so I opt for mittens or sometimes use long socks as gloves as they come all the way up to his elbows keeping him extra warm!


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