A cold winter ahead

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A cold winter ahead

It’s no secret that as a country, we’re hurtling towards a difficult winter.

Speaking as an immunologist, there are the usual concerns about seasonal flu added to the uncertainties that covid poses.

Although we are officially coming to the end of the pandemic, the virus is still around and the health service is struggling after two years of incredible strain.

Viruses, flu and other infections we are used to dealing with however - as the mum of a disabled young man it's the energy crisis that is causing me the greatest number of sleepless nights.

While illness will always be a worry, I do feel somewhat reassured that my boy has had covid twice without too many major issues and that we’re as prepared as possible for flu season.

But how on Earth can we prepare for the predicted, astronomical rise in energy costs?

The Dude relies on a lot of electrical equipment – turning it off to save money is not an option.

Vulnerable individuals like him need to keep warm or their resistance to illness decreases, breathing in damp cold air is not good for those of us with respiratory issues.

I will admit that the new Prime Minister's announcement on energy costs makes me feel a little better, but not a huge amount, and the additional payment disabled individuals qualify for will be gone almost as soon as it arrives.

Currently, we plan on keeping the heating off as long as possible, lowering the thermostat when it does eventually have to go on, and keeping doors closed so we only heat the rooms we need to.

Martin Lewis (the moneysavingexpert) says ‘heat the person, not the home’.

So we will be investing in hooded blankets and electric versions for bedrooms (much cheaper to run than central heating).

Hopefully, that’ll keep things ticking over.

The boy himself doesn’t seem overly concerned mind you; the Onsie being his favourite item of clothing, preferably fleecy, hooded being an added bonus.

Currently, he is glaring at me as I type in case I get ideas about taking his photo as he sits resplendent in a lime green Minecraft version.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been Told.


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