A very covid Christmas!

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Katrina Dorrian

Katrina Dorrian

Hi! I'm Katrina, I have 8yr old triplets; one who has spina bifida, hydrocephalus and epilepsy. I also have MS, so we've a busy (but happy) house!

Well we are finally here...the last month of 2020! I can’t say I’m sad to see the back of it, as I’m sure the majority of people aren’t.

I made myself the New Year's resolution to try my best to find the positive in every situation (although obviously I do epically fail when my child is hurting!).

Well played 2020, that was a SUPER hard one to keep.

There have definitely been things I will take from this year though!

  1. Health is wealth

It is so true what they say. Your health is never guaranteed and is so easy to take for granted.

For all the people who had their lives turned upside down by covid, I am so sorry.

I can’t express enough how my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones to this devastating virus, and I could never take away from that.

I am genuinely thinking of the families who will be going through Christmas without cherished loved ones.

Now, more than ever, I am appreciating the value of health.

If you’ve read my blogs at all, you’ll know our son has faced a brutal year.

2021 looks set to not be hugely better as we are awaiting assessments that I think will lead to a diagnosis that will be a huge new challenge to face.

But Jacob’s here. The skill of surgeons, doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, play therapists, OTs, physio, etc has allowed me the absolute privilege of writing this with my little boy safe in our home, along with his brother and sister.

  1. You have to think outside the box

We have all been forced to adapt to the changing situations we have been in during 2020.

Rules around seeing friends and family has meant we’ve had to use technology like zoom etc to keep in touch.

Due to my own health difficulties with my MS, I use social media a lot as well as things like snapchat and whatsapp.

I’ve discovered that this helps me feel less isolated when I’m stuck indoors (haven’t we all been?!) or at the hospital watching Jacob sleeping etc.

I’ve been blown away by the amount of people who have supported me during all the difficult times, despite the fact I know it can be “frowned upon” to share some things the way I have; including in blogs.

I find it cathartic to do this though, it’s a way to tell our story and hopefully make someone else feel a little less alone.

  1. We really shouldn’t be so quick to judge

I remember seeing some really disgraceful comments about migrants crossing the mediterranean sea in search of a safer life for their families.

Keyboard warriors came out and were asking how anyone could put their children in such danger.

Then the covid-19 pandemic hit and all the images started appearing of people pushing past each other in the shops to get...TOILET ROLL. Seriously.

I saw actual fights breaking out over toilet roll. The people who were commenting on those who try to cross the oceans have absolutely NO right to judge anyone after what our country looked like when the global pandemic hit.

I realise the irony of me judging the “judgers”...but I’m sticking with it.

I think the pandemic has shown the true colours of a lot of us, myself included.

  1. Gratitude

So many people have helped us all through this pandemic (and it isn’t over yet!).

From postmen, waste collection, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, shop workers...the list would go on and on.

To all those people who have continued working and volunteering despite the risks to them, THANK YOU.

As I’ve said, I really don’t have the words to thank the people who have saved our son’s life several times this year.

Yes, it was hell to go through and I’d not want to relive one second of it.

But I am just beyond grateful to all those people who made it possible to have him home with us.

So as we move forwards into 2021, I wish whoever is reading this all the happiness they can find.

Sometimes you will need to look very hard, some days you won’t find it at all (and that’s ok), but please hold on.

As my very wise Granda would say, “this too shall pass.”

Happy Christmas everyone!


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