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Across The Years: Housing for your Child with Special Needs

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Jeana Crouse

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Across The Years: Housing for your Child with Special Needs

Most of my blogs are geared toward those of you who are just starting out on your journey with your child/children with special needs. This one is no exception and may be one of the most important, I feel, so far.

When I was young and found out my baby had some things wrong, I was devastated. No one knew how things would progress for her. I was trying to live and enjoy my baby, but there were so many things to consider for her life and her future. One of those things, which is one of the most important, never occurred to me….her housing.

My daughter and I would have benefitted greatly if someone would have been in our life then to tell me what steps to take for future housing. You see, at age 23 most of us are not thinking about 20-30 years in the future. Especially when we are scared and not knowing how to live in the current moment.

I told my daughter I was having some difficulty coming up with a blog for this month, and she told me to write about “our house”. She is speaking about our future home that is as real to her as it is here now. She and I both believe in our future home; we just must wait.

As Emma got older, I started to attend many educational seminars to help me feel more confident in making good decisions for her. I am a single mother and did not have anyone to bounce ideas off. I believe these things are even difficult for married couples who have each other to talk things through. These seminars are what gave me what I feel is the best plan for my daughter’s future.

These are true stories of other parents who helped me tremendously.

The first parents I heard from decided to move out of the family home that their son had always lived in, and they moved a roommate in with him. Then there are other families who bought homes to provide safe housing for their disabled children. They also put roommates in the home. I know another single lady who started a home of six men, one of whom is her brother.

So many ideas were available to us other than a group home! A group home in which I would have no say or control over who comes in or out, who lives or works there. That does not feel safe to me.

Right before COVID, I received a decent mortgage approval that would have provided us with a good home. Enough to give her her own place with at least 1 -2 roommates. Emma loves this idea.

This is very much her dream as well as mine. Unfortunately, as we all know, the housing market has not been doing well for the last couple of years, which has put our home buying on hold.

I have faith, and I do not want anything God does not want for us, but I feel this is a calling in my heart. I believe this is still yet to come. I want to make sure Emma is in a nice home, with nice roommates, and with proper care while I am still young enough to make sure of all of this. I would like to wean away and give her her own life.

There is obviously much more to this process and many things to plan for and consider.

This blog is to help all of you awaken to what plans you need to put in place for your child. Especially saving money so you know your child/children are well taken care of.

Starting these things while your child/children are at a young age can, and will, make a huge difference over the years. If you follow a strict savings plan for these specific needs, I can promise the money will add up very fast. Starting at your child’s young age will make a major difference in their life, as well as take a weight off you. That weight can be very heavy at times.

It is our duty as parents and caregivers of other humans that cannot take care of themselves to make sure they are taken care of. For my daughter and me, I put God first because I know He will take care of everything for us. He always has and He always will.

I am trusting in God’s timing and very excited to see what the future holds for us. I hope this helps you so you can plan a future that provides peace in your hearts.


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