And just like that, he’s going to be 9

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Where on Earth did the time go?! I cannot POSSIBLY be old enough to have an almost-9-year-old, can I? And yet, here he is; absolutely rocking life and enjoying every single moment, even while in full isolation as part of the shielded group of individuals especially at risk from the current pandemic.

I always find the week or so in the run up to Sam’s birthday to be somewhat... thoughtful.

This time 9 years ago I was the size of a barge, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and was counting the weeks down to my planned induction date. I was 33 weeks pregnant and very much ready for it to be over. The thoughts that kept me going through the hyperemesis and pain were those thinking about what our boy would look like when he was born – what his likes and dislikes might be as he grew, and the usual mum-to-be thoughts of what the future could hold. Two weeks later, evidently as impatient as his Mum, Sam decided to make his grand entrance rather earlier than expected!

Would I have wanted to know what the future held back then?

Absolutely not. I can safely say the knowledge would have fried my already imploding mind. Time may not necessarily heal all wounds, but it does make them easier to bear; over the years Sam has proven that he is so much more than just his disabilities. He is the funniest little chap, is a wizard at tabletop games, and has is a kind and gentle soul.

Every time he learns a new skill, or gives me a huge smile when I come into the room, he makes my day. Knowing how hard won those skills are, and the memories of when he was too sick to do anything other than sleep, all makes his achievements so much more impressive.

And just like that in another week or so my beautiful, courageous, determined boy will be 9 years old. Celebrating his birthday while in isolation isn’t a problem, he doesn’t particularly enjoy parties or having too many people around him – we will definitely be making a massive fuss of him of course, I suspect he’s got a few ideas of what he’d like present-wise, now to get him to communicate these to his beloved parents!


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