The Ups and Downs of the Second Pregnancy

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Some were wondering how things would be since he and I are getting married in December and baby is due September.

Others were afraid to offend but mentioned being concerned since our pregnancy was quite eventful and we had Oliver diagnosed with spina bifida.

I have always been open with my family and friends on social media.

Especially with my steps towards bettering my health and finding the closest thing I could to an answer as to how we had a child with spina bifida.

No one can rule out genetics, environmental or other things, but one thing we came across was that my body didn't absorb folic acid like it should.

Not a definitive answer, but I was definitely on the right track to taking the right vitamins and supplements the second time around.

Aaron and I both knew regardless, no matter what higher risk we had for another child with spina bifida, we wanted another.

So we were hoping to use this blog to update and share any type of news regarding how baby number two is doing, but we are still awaiting.

We went in for our nuchal screening at 12 weeks with my high risk doctor and we knew we'd be looking at baby's head and spine also.

At a little over two inches head to rump, the spine isn't exactly visible vertebrae to look for any defects.

So we could not rule out that he or she does not have spina bifida, but we were able to look at the head and brain and determine that everything looked how it should.

The cerebellum showed no pulling, as if it would if the spine had failed to completely form creating a banana shape.

Dark coloring also means fluid whereas white means bones.

So when it came to the skull and brain, we did not see any excess fluid like we had with Oliver due to hydrocephalus (water on the brain).

These were all good signs but again, no definitive answer.

As far as the eventful pregnancy, you may or may not remember that I had Oliver at 30 weeks gestation.

My body had actually tried evicting poor Oliver at 24 weeks, but we managed to hang on a little longer.

This was all due to my cervix shortening early, causing contractions and funneling.

It was too late in the pregnancy to take much preventive care, so our option then was to just hang out in bed all day every day and hope he stays in!

This pregnancy we now knew I have cervix issues and are able to take the proper steps in trying to prevent these issues again.

With progesterone shots and hopefully a cervical cerclage soon, I can only hope to have a full term baby.

Prematurity along with a diagnosis is no easy task or journey.

I spent many nights too worried about Oliver making it through his next surgery for back closure or shunt placement that I would forget to remember he also had immature lungs or was under three pounds!

This is why I can completely understand the worry amongst friends and family, but I do want to say that I have amazing support from Aaron and others.

I am doing all I can to carry a healthy, long pregnancy.

Along with that, no matter if we have another premature baby or receive another diagnosis, we are as prepared as we can be.

We trust that we were chosen as parents for baby number two for a reason and are ready for this blessing.

Now, whether Oliver and Aaden will have a baby sister or brother.... you'll have to wait to find out!!


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