Baby Loss Awareness: Our Darling Daughter

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Ger Renton

Ger Renton

Mummy to three boys and now a mother to a fur baby, Lola. Wife to D and lover of music, books, writing and reading. I'm a believer in the power of...

You have one left

Don’t despair

Mammy and daddy

A little boy is still in there


It's easy to imagine

How she’d fit in,

Brothers who adore,

No doubt a daddy's girl.


A life spent imagining,

Her face, smile, eyes ...

Visions of one so small

Growing in life's stages


Birthdays, Christmas,

Family celebrations,

There's always,

Someone missing.


She’s never far

She's always here,

Despite the years,

It's still hard to share


Guilt invades

Why didn't you grow?

Was it my fault

I’ll truly never know


There's no preparing,

No understanding,

If’s, but, and whys

Are all left unanswered.


A life unlived

Surrounded with hushes

Let's not speak

Of the angel not here


The unseen tears,

Broken hearts

No time can heal

Although it tries.


Never held,

Never physically here,

Always with us,

My darling dear.


Sky x


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