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Confessions of Special Needs Parents

Firefly by Firefly Additional Needs



1. On weekends, my daughter often gets her meds and breakfast late, because if she wants to sleep in, there is no way on earth I’m going to get out of bed, let alone risk waking her up!

2. I make sure school does her therapy routines religiously, but I’m a bit lazy about doing them at home.

3. On occasion I’ve been known to use my daughter as an excuse for skipping or leaving early from social events, when in fact, it is just me.

4. We have a pair of AFOs at home that she hasn’t worn in probably 2 months or more…

5. When he got his walking frame - I said I would take it everywhere. It’s only been out of the house twice :(

6. There are many times that I now let things slide at home, as I know they’ve focused hard on them at school or therapy.

7. Sometimes it honestly feels so good to just cuddle and watch cartoons with my girl!

8. Our son’s wheelchair has been in the garage all winter.  But guess what?  He is LOVED beyond measure and he knows it.

9. Snuggling with mama and sissys is therapy for all our souls! Real childhood is valuable too.

10. I do sometimes feed my son, even though he’s 8, and even though you have impressed upon me just how much I am undoing all your diligent hard work by doing this.

I do it because it’s quicker when we’re in a hurry trying to get ready for school (and it’s been proven children who have breakfast concentrate better), and sometimes just because I can’t bear to see him leave another meal uneaten rather than struggle with a knife and fork.

11. My son’s power wheelchair sat in the garage all winter - at this rate he’ll never learn to drive it independently..

12. I regularly use my child as an excuse to not go to things when in fact I probably could quite easily

Are you ‘guilty’ of slacking off the house work, turning down invitations, not using equipment or giving therapy a miss?


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