Could I be prouder? Nope, I think not

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Could I be prouder? Nope, I think not

I may be a little bit biased, but I am unbelievably proud of this remarkable little human that is my son; and I have absolutely no doubt that every other parent feels exactly the same about their child(ren).

But hear me out.

Like any parent, I look at my son and wonder what I must’ve done in a past life to deserve such a beautiful, precious little person in my life.

For parents of kids who like my boy are life-limited, every day takes on a much more poignant need to hold on to every moment.

Every cuddle, every touch of our children, every moment becomes treasured.

Less than 16 weeks ago I had to stand by helplessly as the nurses and medics fought to save my sons life.

For two weeks we faced every parents worse nightmare and everyday our boy proved that his desire to live was stronger than the infection threatening to overwhelm his body.

So for us, while lockdown 3.0 isn’t what any of us wanted, it was expected and actually is quite precious.

Because it allows us time with our son that we would otherwise miss.

After a not-too-nice day working from home, I managed to carve out 40 minutes this afternoon to spend with my boy when it was just the two of us.

His class are learning about seeds, how plants grow and about insects this term.

So we potted up a couple of houseplants, planted around 15 garlic cloves, and potted up Sam's avocado (that we originally started off in lockdown #1).

To say he was thrilled by how that plant had grown would be an understatement!

It didn’t just cover an aspect of home-school for the afternoon but gave us precious time together.

Sam absolutely loves lockdown.

He is thriving on having both of us with him daily.

Yes, he misses his friends and teachers – his lovely class teacher video calls him every week which he loves and we keep in touch with his friends as much as possible.

But far from struggling, he is developing at a rate of knots.

This utterly remarkable little boy is the reason I get up every day.

To look at him now you'd never believe we were minutes away from losing him in September… like so many of his friends my boys ability to bounce back never fails to amaze me.


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