Dear Lidl,

Claire Smyth by Claire Smyth Additional Needs

Claire Smyth

Claire Smyth

In our house, there is my husband (and myself), our two children and the dog.

Our oldest son Daniel is a wheelchair user.

We love having a mosey around our local store.

We are there quite regularly.

Your staff might even recognise us.

They probably won't recognise Daniel though.

We don't get to take him very often as it's a bit of a struggle to push his wheelchair and push a trolley at the same time.

Instead we take Daniel to Tesco just across the road - I drew you a map so you could see how close it is.

The reason we take Daniel thereĀ is, they have a GoTo Shop trolley.

It's a specially adapted trolley that meet Daniel's needs and thousands of children with disabilities and additional needs.

It has an open front making it really easy for me to transfer Daniel from his wheelchair to the trolley. It has head and side supports as well as a five point harness.

It's just what he needs.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard on the grapevine that Lidl were trialling a GoTo Shop trolley in a store in Scotland.

Our family would be delighted if you decided to roll-out the GoTo Shop trolley across your stores. As would thousands of other families living throughout the UK.

We love Daniel being a part of our local community - that means giving him the opportunity to visit, shop at, and enjoy everything our area has to offer.

A GoTo Shop trolley at our Lidl local store would really help us achieve this.

Yours in hope,

Claire Smyth

Ps Our local store is Newtownards, County Down


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