Do I Really Need a Fitbit..?

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In recent years, there have been very humbling moments that we got to witness in our lives, how technology has enabled humanity to reach its full potential.

It almost feels like the efforts of all those struggling to make this technology possible would be in vain, if we don’t take the opportunity for them to enrich our lives.

The Fitbit is a wireless bracelet that captures the daily physical activity of a person, including such things as steps, distance, calories, sleep quality and more.

Fitbit can do this by taking advantage of the accelerometer technology, which monitors progress in the speed of your movement.

To be fair, no specific health claims have been made, but this kind of device is known to improve cardiovascular health, reducing blood pressure.

Think of it as your virtual fitness partner, as it can constantly record your activities even while you sleep.

Unlike other fitness watches, it was designed with style in mind. A narrow band that is not too large, and it fits comfortably on your wrist.

Why Do You Need a Fitbit?

The device is very innovative when combined with a corresponding app on your smartphone. The list of useful features is as follows:

-  You can enter your food intake with caloric value of the particular food item,

- The caloric intake of food during the day can be used to map the calories burned throughout the day, even without exercise.

- Together with the calorie counting base, it also interprets your daily movements such as walking, steps, running, etc.

- Along with the data capture for physical activity, it also records rests throughout the day.

Needless to say, the device is highly efficient for obtaining valuable information about your daily routine, which can be shown on a variety of graphs showing your performance over time.

How Does Fitbit Work?

What if you had a way to track all those steps you climb to work every day, miles you covered on your daily run, the food you eat, and even how well you sleep?

Fitbit has created a way for the user to do all these things and more.

Set Fitness Goals

Fitbit gives you the opportunity to set fitness goals every day.

The Led panel displays on the front of the bracelet light up which shows you your progress in relation to the day’s goals.

With this, you can challenge yourself and be more active

Track Key Metrics

With Fitbit, you can track things such as; steps taken, miles or kilometers covered, calorie burn, and your sleeping habits

Silent Alarm

In addition to monitoring the quality of your sleep, Fitbit has an integrated alarm that gently vibrates to wake you up.


Since the Fitbit is designed to be used during the day and night, its water-resistant design  means there is no point worrying yourself about getting it wet.

Wireless Sync

Following your fitness progress is easy with Fitbit.

The device automatically sends the data to a PC, Mac or iOS device ... without cables!

Mobile App

Fitbit has some great free tools you can use to record and track key trends. The mobile app will help you take your workouts to the next level.

Use the app for tracking workouts, scan barcodes of food, route maps, calorie count, listen to music and much more.

Is the Fitbit Flex Right For You?

Fitbit is a great tool for anyone looking for that extra bit of motivation to stay active.

Due to all the useful features described above, you can have your virtual fitness partner and put yourself on the right track for a healthy and happy lifestyle.


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