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For this writer, I love shopping for other people; I think it’s so special, being able to find fun stuff that I know they will love.

One special needs mum did something amazing so that she could get her daughter exciting and stylish products to suit her needs.

That mum was Lucy Carr-Seaman, the founder of Seenin.

Seenin is a company that aims to provide outstanding products that provide comfort and style to their customers, those among us with additional needs.

Lucy Carr-Seaman’s daughter Hester is her inspiration.

Hester was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome at a very early age and Lucy quickly realised how difficult it was to find products for her daughter that were practical, which is obviously very important, but also stylish.

This mum’s passion for finding solutions for her daughter led to the founding of Seenin over 15 years ago!

Seenin is fantastic, I’m sure you’ll agree, here at Firefly we love it!

I’m going to share some of our tip top picks from Seenin with you now, maybe you’ll find something you or your little ones can’t do without!

Seenin’s kerchief range – This range has so many options!

Seenin supplies the classic kerchief range, side fastening kerchiefs, flip kerchiefs and neckerchews for those tiny teeth.

All of these styles are available in different colours or really cool patterns (my favourite is definitely the dino pattern, with the anchors in a close second place).

Firefly’s personal favourite is the new Bamboo Towelling range.

These kerchiefs are super soft and more absorbent than standard cotton kerchiefs, they’re also quick drying which is a big plus in our book!

Changing mats for children and adults – these mats are a dream!

They’re available in two sizes, so are suitable for a large age range.

You can get these mats in a bright cerise bink, a soothing teal, or a pretty raspberry colour; there’s the option of adding an extra layer if you think you should need it as well.

The best part? They roll up and can be slung over a shoulder or around a wheelchair handle, brilliant right?

Front Opening Sleepsuits – we think these are great!

Available in cotton jersey or fleece materials, depending on the season, these are a must have.

You can even get slipper socks in either material that can attach to a sleepsuit for full coverage and cosiness.

These sleepsuits unzip from the neck to ankle in 3 easy steps, this allows easy access for dressing and feeding, night or day and we love them!

We hope Lucy and her team keep rolling out these awesome products for all of the people they are keeping stylish and confident!

Do you use any of Seenin’s products?

Tell us about your experience, we love to hear your stories!


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