He needs a what now?!

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He needs a what now?!

Until Sam arrived I had naively thought that you put your child into bed and (ignoring the expected wake ups, visits to mum and dad’s bed etc), that was that.

As someone who needed splints due to bilateral hip dysplasia as a baby, I knew about splints etc and something of the trials parents face with getting their children comfortable with said attachments.

However, once Sam was given the all clear on that front as an infant we thought no more about it.

Until, that was, a sleep system was mentioned.

This is basically a series of wedges and cushions designed to position a child in a particular position and to keep them there... sleep system mark 1 lasted all of 1 night before being returned to physio... he didn’t take to it then?

Eem, no. No he did not. He flipped himself out of his cot bed INTO OURS.

Epic. Fail.

It wasn’t until 2019 that the subject of a sleep system returned to our minds.

Sam's scoliosis was progressing, and chats with other SN friends had indicated that a sleep system, correctly fitted to the child, could help support the spine and slow the progression of the curve.

It didn’t take long to arrange, a phone call to physio and the referral was made.

A few weeks later, the dude had his brand new sleep system and we were psyching ourselves up for a few sleepless nights as he learnt to accept this restrictions to his night-time freedom of movement.

We needn't have worried.

The sleep system is possibly my favourite piece of kit that Sam uses.

He is so ridiculously comfy in it, it supports his spine and eases pain, while keeping his head is a good position and his airway clear.

During his month long stay in critical care in 2020 we brought it into hospital, and the difference it made to him was enormous.

It just goes to show, something that doesn’t work at one time is often worth revisiting in the future; I kinda wish we’d tried it again sooner but hindsight is always 20:20 isn’t it.


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