It’s a Snow Day! Or… How To Entertain a SN Child When Their Routine is Stuffed

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The white cold stuff has arrived in Staffordshire and the countryside looks stunning.

Once the initial excitement from the Small One at the presence of snow and the confirmation that school is closed for the day has passed, the inevitable boredom sets in.

And the sense of parental panic begins to build.

Sam thrives on routine. He does not enjoy his routine being disrupted and he loves school.

Once he realises that school is cancelled but Mummy still has to go to work, he starts to pout.

This child wants BOTH parents home to play.

Poor Daddy has to somehow entertain this non-verbal mini-dictator, who like anyone else gets bored with any one toy or activity with remarkable speed.

Que the increasingly frustrating game of guesswork to identify what the little chap would like to do next.

If all else fails, the Electronic Babysitter (a.k.a. the TV) goes on, if for no other reason but to allow one frazzled parent to top up on the caffeine and go for a wee.

We have a hierarchy of things To Do in situations such as this.

We start with offering a choice of toys. Once he’s had enough of choice 1, he chooses another toy or some arts/crafts.

After that, its another toy or cartoons. The ultimate toy choice however, when all else fails to make him smile, is Lego. Lego is Sams most favourite toy ever.

My little Master Builder loves nothing more than sitting with Daddy, putting bricks together.

If he’s tired, he’ll lie down but still watch Daddy at work. And with some luck, before he loses interest in this activity Mummy will be on her way home to relieve Daddy, and to get out the story book complete with silly voices.

If all else fails, building a pillow fort within which to build Lego is always a winner.

While we can’t stop days like this when routine just goes to chaos, we can at least ensure that we get through it with Sam entertained, and our sanity (just about) intact.

Now, would someone be so kind as to pass some coffee, while I keep my fingers crossed for a swift return to school tomorrow?!


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