It’s the little things

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Francie Khalaf

Francie Khalaf

I am a wife and mother of two children with cerebral palsy. I believe in making lemonade out of lemons

It’s the little things

Yesterday as we were watching TV, Sawyer reached over and held my hand.

All parents know the warm feeling they get when their child does something sweet like this.

It feels so good to be reassured that you, as a parent, are doing a good job.

For Sawyer almost all his communication is non-verbal.

He can’t say “I love you” (yet).

I hope that some day he will be able to say it with his eye gaze and maybe even his voice.

He says two syllable words but most sound the same.

He shows love by smiling, laughing, kissing and now holding hands.

The absolute hardest part for us aside from the obvious medical stuff is trying to figure out what Sawyer is thinking.

He is incredibly bright and we are finding more and more how bright he is.

He knows so much and hears everything we say.

He’s been using his eye gaze to tell us more and that has been incredible.

I still find myself doubting and questioning what he is thinking or trying to tell me.

I wish I didn’t question it but sometimes it’s hard to believe what is right in front of you.

For years we have relied only on Sawyer’s non verbal communication.

When we ask a question he gives us a big smile for a yes.

We give two choices and he follows with a smile when he chooses.

That has always been how we communicate.

Now when he says things like “all done” when the teacher asks him to work more, I think, can he really be saying that?

It’s almost unbelievable to me how bright he is.

He has overcome so much and now is being snarky and playing jokes with more than his non verbal.

He’s using his eyes to read words that are in front of him!!

It’s been so fun to see.

As of right now it’s just one and two words but I have no doubt that at some point he will be saying full sentences and asking for more of what he wants.

For now we will soak up all the little words and ways that he communicates love and his wants and needs.


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