My Favorite Things: Special Needs Edition

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Angelyn Harrenstein

Angelyn Harrenstein

I am a wife and mother to two children. I believe there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

What a blessing it is to have him in good health currently, and enjoying summer with our family.

We have been able to include him in quite a few of our summer adventures and activities thus far, and it feels great to see him enjoying a high quality of life.

As his birthday approaches each year, our friends and family start to ask for gift ideas.

It can be a little tricky as he is not able to enjoy some of the textbook things one would normally purchase for a four-year-old.

At this age our daughter, who is now five years old, received a bicycle with training wheels.

Our son would not benefit from that gift, so we have to get a bit more creative to find things he would enjoy and successfully use.

Here are a few ideas for gifts that I am sharing with our family!

FunFidgets ball set

This set of sensory balls includes five different balls that are bumpy, color changing, or bead filled.

Our son does not adore slimy textures, but these look to provide a nice sensory experience without being wet or slimy.

Beanbag chair

I am searching for a floor pillow large and supportive enough to accommodate our almost four-year-old, but cannot find anything that is just right.

Instead, a children’s beanbag chair may do the trick.

Splashy seat

We have yet to try the Splashy portable bath seat and I know our son would love it!

We could use it not only for bath time but at the beach, in the pool, or just for fun outdoor play.

Play foam

As I mentioned, our son does not tolerate slimy cold sensory objects, but he does seem to enjoy playdoh.

This play foam has a different moldable texture that would be a keeper

ABC Touch and Feel Letters

These are just cute! The 26-letter set has a variety of textures for children to explore as they learn about the letters of the alphabet.

This is a great activity for our son who is school-aged but stays home.

Vibrating fiber optic light

This fun color-changing fiber optic light provides a great sensory experience as it also vibrates.

This would be fun for little ones at nighttime, and is a great price!


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