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In one of my previous posts, I write about life having its own set path for you.

No one has the same path, and no one should compare theirs to others.

I mean, ten years in college and I am STILL attending it. Why? Because life happened for me.

I initially was going for teaching and changed my mind to a program called Surgical Technology.

At the time it was a year certificate medical program and seemed appealing because it was short and sweet.

In 2010 I started my pre-requisite classes with a goal in sight. But moving cities happened, I met my husband and we wasted no time on starting our family.

With my stepson being 6 years old, we knew we wanted to add a sibling to his and our life.

Blessed with a boy, we had Oliver who was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. Fast forward to 2019, Aaden is 12, Oliver is 5 and Theodore (the youngest) is 3 years of age.

Like I said, life happened! And you know what? I would not change a thing.

But back to the point, I finally applied to the Surgical program and made it in.

For certain colleges, there may be an admission process that inquires testing as well as an interview before being selected or not.

For the college I chose, I made it down to the interview process. I will always remember the one question that stood out the most to me.

“Tell me why you think you belong in the program. Why should we choose you?” For some this may be something to think about, or as simple as formulating the “right” response.

For myself, it could not have been easier to answer, as I spoke straight from my heart.

Why me? For starters, my son at the age of five, has already received more than six surgeries.

As a parent who has a child or children who are constantly receiving procedures or surgeries, this is such a difficult thing.

We pray for speedy recovery, for everything to go smoothly, and above all that the staff and doctors perform to their best.

After all, it is our children under their hands and in their care. I knew now that this was not just an easy way to getting a degree, but my calling. I wanted to be able to provide what I pray for, for other families.

I wanted to be able to truthfully tell them that I understand, because I have been there. I wanted to be that comfort for a scared child, alone in an unknown room.

What I plan to graduate in, is so much more than career for me.

It is a passion I have to create comfort and peace for anyone undergoing a procedure, no matter their age.

I may not have known it ten years ago, but this was my career calling and I am so glad I answered the call!


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