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Shouldn’t every day be World Kindness Day?

Jodi Shenal by Jodi Shenal Additional Needs

Jodi Shenal

Jodi Shenal

I'm a stay-at-home mom with two amazing children. My son is on the Autism spectrum and my daughter has a rare genetic disorder and multiple disabil...

World Kindness Day is observed internationally on November 13.

It exists as a day to highlight and recognize acts of kindness that we bestow onto others.

It’s also a date that encourages us to display random acts of kindness within our communities.

While I think it’s a beautiful idea to have a day dedicated to this most important facet of the human spirit, shouldn’t we try to exhibit kindness EVERY SINGLE DAY?

As a mother to a daughter with multiple disabilities and a son on the Autism Spectrum, I’ve seen my share of ignorance, judgment, and exclusion.

We’ve been left out, stared at, and pushed aside.

The world can be quite cruel.

On the other hand, I find experiences like those to be overshadowed by the GOOD I’ve seen in people.

Despite all the unfortunate incidents we’ve faced, I’ve also witnessed actions that renewed my faith in human decency.

The negatives are eclipsed by the authentic, genuine acts of kindness that we’ve encountered.

A kind deed doesn’t have to be newsworthy to be meaningful. Simple gestures that may seem small often produce the greatest blessings.

Recently, I found myself struggling with a broken umbrella while simultaneously pushing my daughter in her wheelchair and schlepping her therapy equipment to our van.

Normally, I’m quite competent at handling a multitude of items at once; I’ve become skilled at manoeuvring with my hands full.

However, this feat proved to be very tricky for me one rainy afternoon.

After my daughter’s therapy session, I was cursing under my breath at the broken umbrella as we made our way across the hospital parking lot.

My only goal was to keep her dry from the heavy, blowing rain. I was failing.

I was so afraid that she’d get wet and be forced to sit in a miserably soaked wheelchair.

Having to let go of the umbrella to open the door and lower her wheelchair ramp, I was on the brink of a Mom meltdown…the umbrella would not stay open on its own and I needed three hands to complete this arduous task.

My struggle wasn’t invisible that day.

Almost immediately, a hospital employee ran over to us and held her own umbrella over my daughter.

Without a thought, she extended grace to us.

She selflessly offered the words “Let me help” as she stood there, getting drenched by the rain.

She ensured that my daughter was completely shielded as I quickly lowered the ramp.

She stayed by her side, keeping her covered and dry until I pushed her up the ramp, and had her securely placed inside the van.

I was so grateful for the compassionate way she treated us.

She didn’t have to stand there to help two strangers in a downpour that day, but she went out of her way to lend a hand. I must have said “Thank You” fifteen times over the course of those few minutes.

She told me that she was glad to do it and I felt my eyes stinging with tears as she wished us a blessed day.

Her kindness was a generous gift. It was a stark reminder of how we should ALL treat others.

When we go out of our way for someone else and think outside ourselves, wonderful things result.

We could all take a lesson from the thoughtful and courteous lady I encountered at the hospital on that rainy afternoon.

We can make any day feel like World Kindness Day. You never know when someone may truly need it.


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