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Rebecca Toal

Blessed, busy mum to four beautiful girls, the youngest with complex special needs due to extreme prematurity. We are always looking for ways to ma...

I’ve written many posts on sisterly love and care, but I just can’t seem to write enough, my heart is often bursting with thankfulness and joy at the love my girls have for each other, and especially for their youngest sister, Brielle.

You see, Brielle had a really rough start in life.

In her first six months in intensive care, we thought, on many occasions, we’d have to say goodbye.

Brielle was not one of the ‘lucky’ preemies who grew and developed into a healthy baby without long term health consequences of her prematurity…

Quite the opposite, she developed many long term health issues and disabilities as a result of being born fifteen weeks early.

But thank God, she is still a very happy, loved and loving little girl of six now! To see her emotions develop and her attachment to each one of us grow, is absolutely amazing.

The fact that she can cry now, or get upset and express needs and desires is a huge thing. It was so hard when she was much younger, she was completely silent, never cried or hardly moved at all.

Life would be much harder if I didn’t have all my great girls to help with and dote on their little sister.

She knows each one of them, their ways and quirks, and gets so much joy playing with them- let’s face it- it’s different playing with a child (small person) than a grown-up!

They love to dance to music in the living room, build block towers together, do the light box, and swing together at the playground and many other activities!

Brielle also loves a good snuggle, she’s so cuddly the eldest sister calls her ‘my koala bear’.

There’s really nothing the girls wouldn’t do for their little sis.

Due to her disabilities, sometimes they have to be her voice, her eyes and ears, and support her as she walks or lift her up.

I’ve been so blessed as a mum over the years, as I see the love and devotion develop in them, their love given so freely and complete acceptance of Brielle for who she is.

They don’t focus on what she can’t do, but rather on what she can do, and are eternally optimistic and positive.

Sibling love is like nothing else!


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