Special Needs Parenting: Enjoying My Boring Life

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Brittney Baumgartner

Brittney Baumgartner

Mother to 3 boys, who are getting older by the second. Married to my best friend, Aaron. Living life day by day, in this rambunctious yet blessed h...

Being a mother to three boys is tiring and challenging. Lol!

I love each and every day of it though.

My nine year old (step-son but just as much my own as my other two boys) keeps me busy with sports and every-trying life lessons, my two year old keeps me on my toes with therapy and never ending conversations, and lastly my six month old just plain keeps me busy.

Feedings every three hours still, and his horrible, mean, aching teething gums.

Since last update, I am now able to call Aaron my husband. Woohooo! That sounds just lovely.

We have continued life just the same as before we were married, trying a little harder this time to make date nights happen though.

Once again, we are finding ourselves in the middle of a move. Relocation by choice.

Our family has also found ourselves to be the new home to a little kitten we chose to adopt.

We tried once before by fostering a puppy, and realized Oliver just was too afraid of the peppy little thing and would not adjust very well.

With the kitten, we have seen an amazing bond between Oliver and, “Brock Lesnar”.

You see, when you ask a two year old what he would like to name the new kitten, be prepared for anything.. and I mean anything!

My little WWE superstar blurted out the one name that came to his mind, and has stuck with it ever since. We like to call her KeeKee for short (don't tell him that though).

To our surprise, Oliver took to the kitten like Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Best friends from the get go!

Although he catches himself in the midst of a few battle wounds (from playing around and accidental scratches) he gets right back to tossing around her feather toy and watching her chase it.

Other than another move and the new addition (yet again), things have been very chill around our house.

We are still on routine check ups for Oliver and nothing new has sprung up healthwise (knock on wood).

Therapy is still every Tuesday and Thursday for us, and Oliver has come so far already in progression towards possibly walking one day.

We are always hopeful, but never pushy nor relying.

I myself, have found more work (from home praise the Lord!) and am enjoying the opportunity to once again being able to help provide some for our family.

Plus being able to, ‘adult’, and make money is always good.

Just not always for the checkbook and spending. (Yikes!)

It is always a good thing being able to update family and friends with nothing but a few minor changes and see that my life has once again found the path of being nice, quiet, and boring for a little while.

I know it is not always going to be like this, so if you don’t mind me, I’d like to enjoy every minute of it while I can.


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