Special Needs Parents: 5 Things You Should do on the First Day of the New Term

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Laura Moore

Laura Moore

Mum to William, the coolest kid in town (who happens to have quadraplegic cerebral palsy). Campaigner, blogger, baker and general fixer.

Some families LOVE them and get very upset when they are over and everyone goes back to school, while others, like me, breathe a huge sigh of relief as soon as they see the school bus coming down the road!

For me, day one of the autumn term is possibly the best day of the year!

It’s the day I keep for myself, the day I allow myself to ignore the cleaning, washing, cooking and just relax.

For me, the first day back at school is my version of Mother’s Day!

Because although Mother’s Day is advertised in the greetings cards as the day we get to relax and put our feet up while everyone waits on us, in reality we know that isn’t the case… that kind of treatment is reserved for Father’s Day!

But whichever side of the fence you fall, whether the first day of term is a huge relief or a day you’ve been dreading, here are 5 things you should do…

1. Take the obligatory ‘back to school’ photo... otherwise you might as well not send them in at all.

If you don’t post that photo on Facebook are they really at school?

2. Have a cup of tea.  Drink every last sip, whilst it is still piping hot and while sitting comfortably in one spot.

Actually, have several and enjoy every single one!

3. While you’re sitting there listen… can you hear that?  Nope me neither!  They say silence is golden… it’s also covered in lots of amazing rainbow unicorn glitter… it’s THAT good!

Don’t worry though, if you’re missing the kids, it won’t last long!  Only a few (amazing) hours!

4. Take note of how comfy you are without a child on you / next to you / demanding you get up every few minutes, and enjoy it!

5. Treat yourself to one, or all, of the following:

-  A pee… in peace…. Without an audience!

-  Some food which you don’t have to (delete as appropriate): share/eat with one hand/wait until 3pm to find time to eat/stop halfway through to change a nappy, clean up sick etc etc/eat cold.

Chill out and relax.

Whether you have been counting the hours for this day, or willing it to never arrive, make today about you!


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