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Cynthia Griffiths

Cynthia Griffiths

I am a parent of a 13 year old boy with cerebral palsy and blog about our's about both his life, our family life, and my life as a parent.

For working parents of any children, summer poses a unique set of problems, sometimes expensive, problems.

What do you do with your children for two months? 

Being one of two working parents of a special needs child, summer is made even more difficult. 

Despite offerings of countless camps and summer programs that cover every interest under the sun offered during the summer, most of these amazing sounding camps and programs don’t accept children with special needs. 

Some camps are simply not wheelchair accessible.

Some don’t have facilities that can accommodate personal needs.

Some are simply afraid of kids like mine.

No matter where I send my son, I need to also send adult support, someone who can help him access everything and who can manage his physical and personal needs throughout the day. 

It definitely makes filling summer weeks more complicated and challenging. 

We are fortunate this year because his middle school is allowing him to attend their summer school and camp. 

Not only is it a great way for him to transition from school that he’s been attending for nine years, to high school in August, but it’s affordable, and comfortable for him. 

He’s happy to be, “helping”, to wrangle the younger kids. 

The guy who runs the camp even had a, “Volunteer”, t-shirt made for Cole to wear. 

He feels like a needed member of the community. 

It’s a relief and it promises to be a positive, fun summer for him.

Of course, I’m already fretting over what happens next summer when this won’t be an option! 

One step at a time…


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