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Naomi Aldridge

I am a special needs blogger who writes about mine and my son's special needs journey. I love being a mummy to Ethan and I want to share the highs...

This year its not just happy new year but a happy new decade.

This means in 2020 my gorgeous boy turns 10.

What a massive achievement for someone with a life limiting disorder.

He has defied so many odds and many dark periods. Yet he's still here smiling away.

This year will hold lots of special celebrations for my boy. I wanted to celebrate it with a big party with everyone he knows surrounded around him.

Then I remembered he's often overwhelmed by these situations that maybe that's not the best idea at all!

I decided to have a search and see what things a ten year old does for their birthday.

Well that was a silly idea and It took me to nerf gun parties, gaming related parties or sports related parties.

Now Ethan loves watching a nerf war but can't join in on his own, he doesn't game at all and he may love watching a footy match but he wouldn't have a party themed around it.

So I went back to things he does love. Ethan loves CBeebies, Toy Story, sensory play, Frozen and dinosaurs.

He's had two dinosaur parties, a farm party, a sensory party with lights and messy play, a music party where we made instruments, a troll party, a big red car party and a Toy Story party.

All things he loves so what this year!

I want to make this year extra special because you only turn 10 once and its a big deal turning double digits.

Inviting his friends from school gets hard each year because they all have sensory issues and like him don't like lots of people either.

We stick to his cousins and close friends children.

As his cousins get older though its hard to find things that they will enjoy coming to still. I mean they are all very good and will always do things with him to celebrate.

But wouldn't it be lovely if they could all enjoy it on the same level.

We could go out and do something like bowling which he loves, or swimming or seeing animals. But all this could go wrong if it's too loud or crowded.

Being at home gives him that safe environment and space to escape if he needs it. So a celebration at home will suit him best.

We will do a day out just the 5 of us with less pressure for it to be amazing.

Ethan loves birthdays. He loves balloons, singing happy birthday, opening presents, hearing the words inside cards and definetly eating lots of birthday cake!

So although his birthday celebrations may be different than other 10 year olds.

He will have a birthday that is perfect for him. That allows him to enjoy his celebrations in the way that makes him happy.


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