Thoughts On Life From A Little Girl With Autism

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Miriam Gwynne

Miriam Gwynne

Full time mum and carer for two truly wonderful autistic twins. I love reading, writing, walking, swimming and encouraging others. Don’t struggle a...

So here are some of her thoughts on things:

On Church:

When in church one day and we were having communion; "No wonder they have cake at the end of this is all the snack you get!"

During collection; "This is just like when you go on a bus. God does not give change either."

When given a jar of Bible verses as a gift.

"Mum, what is in the jar?"

"Verses out the Bible honey."

"Well that was not good. Sammy's Bible will be all torn and not have any verses left in it now!"

On healthy eating:

"Can you cut my banana into five pieces please mum?"


"So I have my five portions of fruit today!"

On bath time with her brother:

"I don't like having a bath with Isaac. When I bath with him I get wet!"

On shoes:

"If indoor shops sell indoor shoes why do we not have to go to an outdoor shop to buy outdoor shoes?"

"I don't get why shoes have tongues. They can't talk!"

On Escalators:

"I think escalators would be much better if they stopped to let people on and off instead of keeping moving. Moving is dangerous!"

On the naughty step:

"Why is it the naughty step? I don't get what the step has done to be naughty?"

On teacher training days:

"Mummy what is an in-service day?"

It is when the teachers get taught and you get a day off.

"Ok, I don't mind if the teacher sits on my chair and does my spelling test for me then."

On PE:

"I don't like PE. They do everything wrong. One day they told me to walk on a bench but that can't be right because benches are for sitting on!"

"I don't like forward rolls. I don't like pencil rolls. I just don't get why they can't just give us sausage rolls!"

On the weather:

"Why do the weather people not just put sunshine on the map because they control the weather and no one even wants rain!"

On growing up:

"When I grow up I want to be a bank machine so I can give everyone money."

On family dynamics:

"Would you like mummy to have another child?"

"Maybe. Could I have a big sister please?"

On playtime at school:

"Why do they send us outside to play when all the toys are inside?"

On sports day:

"Why do they call it sports day when we only do it in the morning? It should be sports morning not day!"

On schools dinners:

"I don't like school dinners because they are cold."

Why are they cold?

"Well you told me not to eat my dinner until everyone was sitting at the table and that takes ages in school!"

On bullying:

"I don't get why the teacher told us not to call everyone names. I call my friend Abigail and she calls me Naomi. Why can't I call her that anymore if that is her name? I think we SHOULD call people names. The names their mummy calls them!"

...She makes a lot of sense for a little kid don't you think?!


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