Too Young to Understand But He Cares

Rebecca Jeapes by Rebecca Jeapes Additional Needs

Rebecca Jeapes

Rebecca Jeapes

Mummy to IVF twins, V is our CP warrior princess.

Too young to understand,

Full of love to give,

Giving mummy a helping hand,

A lovely way to live.


Recognising the unusual,

Taking it all in your stride,

Learning is always mutual,

Life is a topsy turvy ride.


Ready with cuddles and kisses,

Your heart brimming with love,

Always sending your twin best wishes,

Your bond is like something angelic from above.


First to comfort and hold hands,

Never wanting to leave their side,

Tears forming rivers over sad lands;

You fight the urge to run and hide.


Witnessing emergency crews arrive

Time and time again.

The fear gives you drive,

Too young to remember when this begun.


Waiting for your sibling to come home;

The longest wait ever known.

It seems alone you will always roam

But you are not one to moan.


You know the routine as it is

When the door is finally open,

You rush forward to your sis.

The flood of emotion like the ocean.


You settle in to your version of normality,

The only one you know.

There is no formality.

Your love will only grow.


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