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Do you ever struggle to go grocery shopping with your children?

You’ve been telling us how this can be a near impossible task for a while now – and we’re pleased to say we have the solution:

The Firefly GoTo Shop Cart which has transformed shopping trips for special needs families in over 3,500 UK stores, is now available for distribution in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.

We have a strong community at Firefly and parents are continuously sharing the challenges they face with everyday tasks like grocery shopping.

It is the simple products, that improve day-to-day life, which are the most effective.

The importance of the Firefly GoTo Shop Cart cannot be underestimated.

GoTo Shop Cart has been designed to make shopping trips easier for parents and carers of young children with disabilities.

The shopping cart seat includes a secure and adjustable 5-point harness, adjustable head and lateral support, a soft padded seat and an open front for easy transfer.

Parents who have used the cart in the UK have commented on the social benefits of the face-to-face interaction they get with their child.

Today we're calling on our US families to get behind the campaign by downloading the US Campaign Leaflet and handing it in to your local stores to make store managers aware that the GoTo Shop Cart is now available in the United States.

Download the leaflet here.

Anything you can further do to increase campaign awareness will be a massive step in helping get the GoTo Shop Cart in stores across America.

Don't forget to use the #EverySupermarket if you are posting about the campaign on social media.

Here’s some other ideas:

- Take a photo with the store manager when you hand the leaflet in

- Contact your local newspaper or TV stations to tell them why you need a GoTo Shop in your local store – ask the community to rally around and support you.

- Start a petition in your local store and ask the community to sign and support your cause.

Let us know your progress – we’re asking for your help, so you can bet we’ll be there to help you with your efforts!

If you require more information, assistance or if you want to let us know your progress feel free to contact Mark at


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