When Social Media Becomes Too Much - Raising a child with a Disability

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Nowadays, it's as simple as choosing which social outlet you would like to communicate through.

It is readily available at anyone's fingertips...by computer, tablet, cell phone or even watches!

Crazy, I know.

Having this outlet can and often does encourage one to share more than what is needed with the world.

I did it myself just two days after receiving Oliver's diagnosis.

I bared all to the world about my son receiving his diagnosis of spina bifida and what that would entail for us then and for the future.

At that time, I only had a Facebook.

It then grew to Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

I slowly let go of Twitter and Instagram, sharing my main informational posts to Facebook and pictures of the family on Snapchat.

There were many times where I wanted to let go of Facebook but was convinced to stay because I had involved so many people in our life.

They enjoyed and looked forward to my updates on how Oliver was doing with treatment, therapy, and all his appointments.

It was through groups on Facebook that I could ask questions pertaining to his health, making it more convenient than calling his own doctor.

Life turned into communication through wall posts, shares and comments.

I would hear countless times through my mother or Aaron that my face was always in my phone.

I was never just in the moment enjoying things for what they were.

I had to snap, share and post anything and everything.

I was addicted to say the least.

Not just addicted to social media...shamefully, I was addicted to the attention and kind words or comments left by family and friends.

It was not until the day my step son told me he wished I was more present and less on my phone, that I realized my problem.

I just could not even fathom how to unplug myself from something I was on 24-7.

So I did the only thing I could think of; I deleted my Facebook, permanently.

With a son who has different needs and a diagnosed condition, I was finally able to spend more time with him and actually in the moment of life.

I continue to update his blog and update through the Firefly blogs, but have given up the constant, daily peeks into our life.

Now this is not to say that anyone with a social media account is never present in life, but just my own personal account with losing control.

I want people to be more involved with us, if they would like updates on Oliver.

I don't want him to be somebody they follow through internet posts.

He is so much more amazing and quirky in person, than I can portray through words online.

My only recommendation to those who may be reading this, is to take a chance and go a little prehistoric. Lol.

Make that phone call to a distant relative, or write that letter to a long lost friend.


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