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Rochelle Followes

I am parent to a gorgeous little blue eyed boy who has complex needs. I have a Facebook page, 'my daily miracle' where I share our life with others...

Friends are family you choose they say. Well I feel blessed to have been chosen by so many wonderful people.

I’m surrounded by a bunch of beautiful, quirky and loyal friends.

In this blog I’m going to explore the different circles of friendships I have and take this time to honour them.

I believe that it is important to be opened minded about friendships and not put too much pressure on them, as ultimately being a mum is my first priority.

If I haven’t seen you for a while, it isn't because I’m avoiding you, but because I’m busy caring and advocating for my son.

My lovely circles of friends...

My Rock.

The bestest friend of all who sees the ugly side of me yet grows closer to me and loves me deeper as the time goes on.

We have had to keep our friendship to keep the fun in our relationship.

I can count on him to make me smile, even on the darkest days.

My Husband

My Heroes.

They are interested, invested and want to be part of my world. They always have time for me.

They say I don’t bore them when I go off on one about the recent failures within the health department.

They learn new words that Doctors spring on me. They ask more questions rather than nod and agree.

They hug me and tell me I’m doing a great job. They love me for me. They notice I have changed, but still see me.

They remind me of the girl I once was and encourage me to be her again and be silly.

When the hard times make me cry with sadness and worry, they make me cry with hysterical laughter (and maybe judgement... I’ve had 2 babies).

They love my Husband and Zachariah. They talk about our Angel baby and keep his name alive.

They teach their children how to be friends with Zachariah. They grieve with me as I have struggled to come to terms with milestones we will never reach.

They are beautiful inside and out. They are my favourite people, who no matter how I feel I want to see them.

Caroline. Bryony. Nick. Rach. Dom. Rob. Helen. Jodie

My Special Friends.

They keep in touch. They share new things that may be good for Zachariah.

They educate me on their medical knowledge. They cry with me when difficult times come our way. They celebrate the triumphs, and the achievements.

They let my family into their world and create a bond that is held together by our children who amaze us daily.

They give me their time, when time is so precious. They give my boy a friend who gets it and they give me a friend who gets it too!

They become special friends who shall never be forgotten.

Kelly. Eve. Fran. Emma. Leah. Ceri-ann. Aimee. Tracey. Leonie. Wendy. Rachel.

The Fighters.

The friends who you meet with similar passion to fight and make life better for your children.

Who you grow a shield with. Who you advocate for. Who you share experiences with and help grow.

Who lift you. Who give you confidence. Who make you want to make life better.

Kelly. Rhiannon. Claudine. Sally. Laura. Helen. Sara. Shirley. Martin. SJ. Lisa. Liz.

The Church.

Who lift you up in prayer. Who support you. Who wipe your tears.

Ramsbottom Pentecostal Church

The Oldest.

The friend who has been there for 20 years, who despite the different directions we have taken in life, is still there to make me smile and remind me of my roots and my ridiculous funny ways.


The Followers.

Then there are the friends who follow our story through our page.

Who lift us up, who celebrate with us and stand by our side.

Who show love and loyalty.

Who offer words of encouragement, praise, empathy, love, compassion.

My Daily Miracle followers

The new friends who enter our world and are so accepting.

The friendships that are formed by being your professional.

The friends who are yet to come.

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes.

All of these amazing people offer something unique and make my friendship group super strong.

They understand the strains of being Zachariah's Mummy and forgive me for my forgetfulness and dizziness as I struggle to remember what day it is.

I just hope I am as good a friend to all these lovelies as they are to me!

Happy Friendship Day!


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