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Angelyn Harrenstein

Angelyn Harrenstein

I am a wife and mother to two children. I believe there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

It’s a magical time of year full of family traditions, decorations, and classic carols.

There are also the traditional Christmas pajamas!

Yes, that’s right, I love to see my kids in matching or coordinated Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.

I used to have a difficult time justifying the cost of two pair of pajamas that were specially purchased for one night of the year, but trust me- the kids will wear them until it’s either too hot for fleece holiday pants or they no longer fit.

Our daughter was definitely wearing hers in March of last year.

(No judgement please)

The sight of our son and daughter snuggled up together in their adorable pajamas is worth it to me, so here are a whole bunch of options if you want to make this part of your family’s Christmas tradition as well.

Or maybe you already do!

This is a great time of year to shop for your Christmas pajamas because all of the holiday sales are beginning online.  Some of the sites listed below have offers for 25%-30% off, or free shipping, so load those carts with jammies for all!

Old Navy has some really cute and reasonably priced holiday pajama options, and they are offering 30% off at the time of this post.

The discount offers will vary and continue until Christmas, so don’t worry if you miss the 30% off offer.

And the reindeer slippers - so cute!

GAP also has some slightly more expensive but equally adorable kids’ pajama choices.

They are offering 25% off at the time of this post, but as I mentioned above, the sales will continue so check for deals!

Target has some great holiday pajama options, and I especially like the Burt’s Bees organic sets.

Target is also offering a buy 1 get 1 50% off deal.

Gymboree’s patterns are darling this year, but my favorites are a matching plaid nightgown and pajama set!

And, because they are entirely too precious not to include, I have noticed an elf and santa 2-piece pajama set from Crazy8.

What a shame it would be to leave the grown-ups out of this fun Christmas Eve tradition!

I personally think the adult one-piece footie pajamas are a bit hideous (and my husband would second that).

But, should you desire your own pair of holiday pajamas, here are some cute options to have a think about.


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