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For the Junior Doctors, new nurses and others

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Carolyn Voisey

Carolyn Voisey

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I often read posts about doctor's who didn’t listen.

Or pharmacists refusing a prescription that wasn’t properly completed.

It touches a nerve, as I teach healthcare students. They are brilliant, intelligent, enthusiastic.

They don’t sign up to many years of incredibly hard work because of the money. They genuinely want to help others.

So to all the new doctor's, nurses, pharmacists etc., currently starting out. Remember you are human.

You don't know it all, not by a long way. But you know enough and you’ll learn more daily.

Remember to speak to your patients with the kindness and empathy you showed when training; patients with chronic conditions know about the impact of them.

Never tell someone ‘its only pain’. If I hear you say ‘its just a virus’ prepare to see me coming for you like a missile. HIV is also ‘just’ a virus.

Listen to the parent who says something ‘isn’t quite right'. Their instinct is telling them something, listen.

You studied, learnt the drug names, side effects, and therapies.

Your patients look to you for help. Respect them. Show the compassion we know you have in bucket loads, never stop listening and learning.

Parents/patients; remember that they are human and are as entitled as anyone to have a bad day.

If a nurse is a bit short with you, let it go.

If you’re waiting for hours to be seen be thankful – the person rushed into resus isn’t so fortunate.

Be patient, you don’t know what staff have just dealt with, which doctor or nurse has had to comfort a mother or father as their child passed away in their arms.

Remember, there is a reason why the doctor wouldn’t prescribe a particular medication for you, despite what Dr. Google says.

It is their job to know the research only just released, and that drug may not be the lifesaver you believe it to be.

If we could all be a little kinder, it would make difficult days much easier.

I for one am in awe of these individuals so dedicated to healthcare.

To them and their patients, be the change you wish to see in the world.


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