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Ann Dewhurst

Ann Dewhurst

This is the journey and adventures of a rather scrumptious and incredibly inspiring little girl called Hannah, who just happens to have a rare gene...

I don’t allow Hannah to eat chocolate  *gasps in absolute horror!!!*

Well, call the Confectionary Police, throw me in a liquorice cell, dunk me in molten chocolate and make me sleep on a bed of blue smarties!

“Yes, ‘Mi Lord’, Guilty as charged.

Lock me up and just throw away the key.

I am clearly THE most evil mother on the planet and deserve to be punished for my actions”.

So, as you can guess, batting off the potential over abundance of chocolate eggs from Broccoli HQ’s doorstep at Easter time, gets a bit tiresome.   “What does she want for Easter?” they ask. “Nothing, thanks” we repeatedly say.  “She doesn’t know it’s Easter and she can’t eat chocolate…it makes her ill”. “She’s GOT to have something” they say.


Why, oh why (oh why!) does she HAVE to have something at Easter when:

1. She doesn’t know it’s Easter

2. She can’t eat chocolate

3. She gets treats throughout the year…and not just on Holy days or special occasions

4. She REALLY doesn’t know it’s Easter – did I say that already?

So, come Easter weekend…what do we receive?


(and daddy isn’t too thrilled either as he has to scoff the lot…and he says that cheap chocolate sets his teeth on edge) I can pretty much guarantee that if Hannah’s given a sneaky piece of chocolate (not by us here at Broccoli HQ, I hasten to add!), we’ll be up with Hannah for a few hours during the night, trying to comfort her whilst she’s writhing in agony, wretching and vomiting until she’s emptied the contents of her stomach (sorry, TMI there, huh?).

I can assure you it’s not much fun for any of us.

Now, the medical profession may scoff at me for stating this, but chocolate really does set off her reflux as does citrus fruit, as teething made her really poorly…as did her jabs…and a certain antibiotic. FACT!

To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t give a monkeys what it says in the medical books, because I KNOW MY CHILD BEST.

So, is it cruel to feed her something that people perceive as a treat and because it’s a certain time of year…only for her to feel really unwell afterwards?

Erm….let me think about that…. It’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it?

So, for anyone who’s ever passed judgement at my cruel and heinous denial…are you happy for me to phone you in the middle of the night and request you come over and look after Hannah whilst she’s feeling ill….or, if her reflux persists and she needs medical investigation and treatment to address her severe symptoms, are you going to stay with her in hospital for a few days? No? Didn’t think so. So, perhaps best if you don’t bother worrying about what I don’t feed my child and have a look at what you’re eating yourself.

Ooops, I feel a mini rant coming on there, must stop!.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

We ARE extremely grateful of the thoughtfulness (ish), because its people’s way of including Hannah…and she gets overlooked at the best of times…but I’d rather people saved their money or gave it to charity instead. So, thanks, but no thanks, Easter Bunny… You may be cute and fluffy, but you’re not welcome here.  Be gone with you…just hop it!

Right, my lovelies. That’s all for this post.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful Easter, whatever you do.

Until next time. Annie   xoxo

This post is dedicated to all the Dentists and Oral Hygienists of the world.


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