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Life Lessons

Ger Renton by Ger Renton Additional Needs

Ger Renton

Ger Renton

Mummy to three boys and now a mother to a fur baby, Lola. Wife to D and lover of music, books, writing and reading. I'm a believer in the power of...

Since entering the world of special needs there are many life lessons I have learned; below are just a few.

- Judging others comes too easily to us all; trying not to judge - now that’s hard.

- All may not be what it seems.

- Sometimes the worst-case scenario; brings hidden joy.

- Appreciation for laughter is so, so often undervalued.

- Life isn’t about what you have or what you don’t have.

- Celebrity’s lives are not important to your life.

- Facing the known can be just as scary as facing the unknown.

- Friends come, friends go.

- Plans change; having a fluid plan works best.

- Usually if I smell it; it’s exactly what I think it is.

- Doctors are people too; they can be questioned.

- Raw sausages, playdough, crayons...all come out the other end, no issue.

- It’s okay not to answer the phone; if it’s vital, they’ll ring back.

- Life is truly what you make of it.

- Strength can be born from fear.

- Motherhood and parenthood is different for every single person; be kind.

- There’s time and then there’s quality time; we must make more time for the latter.

- Finding the funny comes back once you learn to be honest with the life you have ...this is an ongoing process.

- Motherhood and parenthood can be stressful; spend the time looking for your kin - they can be tricky to find.

- Somethings we can’t change with positive thoughts or by lighting candles; some things are awful is fine to say it.

- Try not to dwell too much; it can cause huge wrinkles ...

- Being sad is just as acceptable as being happy …

- Everyone loses their minds temporarily ...just be sure to find it again and if you can’t - ask for help.

- Pushing a wheelchair is hard, back breaking work...hold the doors and move out of the way!!

- Most disabled toilets are not actually designed for people with physical disabilities.

- Mindfulness is not a hippy dippy notion; it’s more like an awakening of the soul, mind and body but you must allow it to do that for you.

- Being in the moment is hard work; keep trying, you’ll get there and it will be worth it.

- Your kid is special. I don’t care if you don’t like the term - my kid is special; I’ve never met another almost 16-year-old who has taught an adult so much. That to me is so SO special.

- Dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse can be the highlight of your day; that’s pretty cool; there are many parents out there who would give their life for a moment like that.

- You are allowed to be angry; just remember to aim that anger at the right things and dump it there.

- Holidaying away from your kids is vital, a day or seven ...doesn’t matter, just do it at least once a year.

- Respite services do not get enough praise.

- Nurses are often overlooked by doctors but those guys know an awful, awful lot.

- Trust is something you may have to give to a lot of different people; that doesn’t mean that you can’t ask questions.

- If something doesn’t feel right; listen to your gut - that baby is rarely wrong.

- A clean house is actually impossible.

- Whiskey tastes better the older I get, not the other way around.

- Say what you mean and mean what you say especially when fighting for your child’s needs; if you make a threat, follow through - I promise, you’ll only have to do it the once - they will write a little note about you and you won’t be mucked around again when it comes to your child.

- No one becomes an advocate without having a child like mine or yours. We don't even realise that’s what we are doing; advocating, until someone else points it out.

- Family are there when you need them; even though they have their own stuff going on.

- Everyone has stuff. Those who pause their stuff for your stuff, are the real deal; keep them close, treasure those people.

- Netflix is absolutely the best thing to keep the kids entertained while you catch forty winks on the chair.

- Sleep is a privilege; as is hot coffee.

- A feeding tube isn’t as scary as you think.

- Kindness is a strength, never a weakness.

- We should all fight for what we believe in unless it’s unicorns because they aren’t real.

- Life changes; adapt as best you can.

- Memories are indeed treasures.

- Life is for living; don’t get bogged down by details.

- Remember your friends; they miss you, reach out.

- Happiness is whatever puts a smile on your face; your kids playing, your child singing, your kids finally asleep.

- Parenthood isn’t a competition; we are all doing the best we can and we all feed them junk food rather than cook, we all lose our sh1t at them and we all, all feel that blasted guilt…

- Don’t let parent guilt win.

- Inner peace can come once the kids are in bed; no, I’m kidding, inner peace can come when we allow it to.

- Never wear heels when you know your child is a runner; so what if it’s your wedding day?!

- Bring your child out. Let them be loud. Stand and be proud.

- You. Can. Do. This.

- Remember to smile suits you x


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