Space to Change Wheelchair Accessible Toilets

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The white paper - “Considerations in the Provision of Space to Change Wheelchair Accessible Toilets”- has been written by Clos-o-Mat to clarify how the new facility sits within current legislation and good practice, between conventional wheelchair-accessible (Document M type) toilets and the ‘bigger and better’ Changing Places assisted accessible rooms.

The document covers the rationale behind Space to Change, the technical requirements, and how those integrate into Building Regulations Approved Document M, BS8300:2009, the Equality Act and even the sector-specific Department of Health Health Building Note 00-02.

“Space to Change enables venues that are limited financially and/or on space to meet the needs of up to three million British children and adults who need changing and lifting facilities for their personal hygiene.

It builds on the standard wheelchair-accessible toilet which should always be provided, even if no other toilet facilities are, and ensures that even within 7.5m2, the toilet needs of almost everyone are addressed,” explains Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager.

“But it is a new concept. As the expert in toileting provision at home and away for disabled people, we are ideally positioned top help specifiers- architects, customer services managers, facilities managers, contractors- understand the why’s and wherefore’s of a Space to Change provision.”

Supporting white papers on general accessible toileting away from home, hygiene rooms, Changing Places, and sector-specific transport, leisure and healthcare are also available at the same link.

The Clos-o-Mat website also hosts CAD blocks, typical layouts and technical data for all the ‘away from home’ toilet facilities.


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