Special Needs Parenting: The Trauma of Change

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After many months of waiting for a wheelchair clinic appointment we had a letter about 2 months ago explaining that the service was being privatised.

Explained why we hadn’t had an appointment through yet at least.

Our orthotics service changed hands a while back and it has to be said the service has improved since – waiting times are shorter, appointments available at better times and so on.

It’s the same clinical staff, they’re just paid by someone different now.

So this change over didn’t really worry me. Until now.

After 6 months of waiting, Sam has most definitely outgrown his current wheelchair and its starting to get more urgent that he gets an appointment soon.

So, after some searching for the letter with the new details, I gave the clinic a call to see if anything could be sorted.

Sure enough, he is now booked in later this month.


And then the lass on the phone dropped the bombshell – the wheelchair services are no longer using the manufacturer of his current chair.

Gutted doesn’t even come close – this chair is superb for him, and the idea was that, as it’s modular, it would be suitable for him right through to adulthood.

We love that chair. Right down to the level of support and comfort it gives Sam to how easy it is to move. I can actually taste the adrenaline rising in my bloodstream.

Still, no point stressing until we’ve had the appointment and seen what they recommend as a next chair.

You see, one of my greatest fears for Sam focuses on his scoliosis.

It’s very mild currently, but the correct support for his spine is utterly crucial to help stop it from worsening.

I’ve seen that scoliosis can do and it is neither pretty nor pleasant.

I love his existing chair as it provides exactly what he needs and I’m already gearing up for battle in case the alternative suggested isn’t up to scratch. Which is silly.

You’d think after 6 years I would have learned to not jump the gun by now wouldn’t you!?

From my perspective, it’s the change that worries me so much.. moving from the tried and tested to something different, which in fairness could very well be as good if not better.

We just have to wait and see.

And patience is a virtue I do not have.


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