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Mum to one incredible little dude, I work full time in higher education and have my own small business as a jewellery designer/creator. I love noth...

You’re always there.

You stand with her, whether we’re at home or in hospital.

You try not to look worried when I’m poorly and I know it’s difficult for you to leave us in hospital when you go and collect my wheelchair because the ambulance couldn’t carry it.

You know all my meds by name and their doses, even the doctors look impressed as you reel off the list!

You know when my meal times are, and what to ask Mummy to order from the pharmacy.

I giggle when the doctors ask you and Mummy to tell them all about me….

From the beginning, they say, as you chuckle and hand the floor over to Mummy!

I know it drives you bonkers when I won’t settle in my own bed and am demanding to go into your bed; I’m sorry that it hurts your back to lift me, but please know how grateful I am that you still do it despite the pain.

And no-one else plays with Lego as well as you and I do - we’ve made some awesome things (and I can’t help noticing that there are a lot of other kits we still have to do).

Thank you for making bath times fun by splashing and being silly, soon we’ll have a new bath that will mean you don’t have to bend all the time to lift me – then I can REALLY splash you back.

I get cross when people don’t ask how you are, they always ask how Mummy is and how I am, but they forget to ask YOU.

And you do so much for me, Mummy says that not everyone is as lucky as I am having a Daddy that does so much and who loves me as much as you do.

I’ll let you in on a secret, Mummy thinks you’re pretty awesome too.

She says you sacrificed working to be able to care for me, so she could carry on doing the job she loves.

That sounds like a pretty big deal to me Daddy, but you never mention it...

I’m sure Mummy won’t mind if I tell you that it is a big deal, and that it changed our lives for the better even though it meant you had to give up something you’d done for so long.

Mummy says she couldn’t do all she does without you next to her; I know I couldn’t either.

You are my hero.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy,

Love Sam x


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