When It All Goes Out the Window

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Sometimes it’s about dirty nappies, screaming, difficult hospital appointments and even mess.

Actually, mess is pretty standard in my house, especially since my son discovered that things can go out of windows!

I should be happy that he can ‘post’ things after all it shows great fine motor control and persistence.

I should be delighted he has the mobility to climb to be near the window.

I should rejoice that he has the processing skills to think that things can be moved from one place to another and that he can use his hands to do this.

Well I would be happy, except I find it quite frustrating that right now everything is going out the window.

In the case of my son it is socks, underwear (so embarrassing!), shower gel, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes and anything else he can find in the bathroom (for the record he broke the locks in order to do this!) that gets thrown out of windows. I can tell you the noise and mess it makes is quite incredible.

How he has missed hitting my car I have yet to work out. I hope he never takes archery lessons!

I also get a text from my neighbour opposite whenever she looks out to see this (see photo above.)

The thing is while this may be humorous and entertaining it is also highly dangerous (and expensive!) and it means so many other things in life ‘going out the window’ too, in another sense.

Routine has now gone out the window too since every minute of every day involves ensuring all windows are locked and all throwable items are secured.

Bath time and shower time has gone out the window.

For a start we have no bubble bath left nor shampoo (ah now I understand why this new skill was discovered since he never did enjoy hair wash time!) and shower gel for us has been splattered over the back patio instead of on our bodies.

Even if we did manage to find any cosmetic products for a quick shower you dare not risk opening the window to let the steam escape. It certainly would not just be hot air leaving the bathroom if you did that!

Getting dressed has gone out the window, especially if you happen to want to wear a pair of socks.

I am hoping the window cleaner may help with the pairing of socks when he has his ladder here. Until then should I send a note to my son’s school saying the neighbour to his sock is currently on my roof?

Calm mornings have gone out the window.

On wakening I panic and run right around the house to ensure all windows are still locked and nothing more has been posted.

Oh, to return to that calm cup of tea before chaos ensued...

Fire safety has gone out the window.

Apparently, you are supposed to have at least one window unlocked at all times.

That isn’t really an option right now so we have to be vigilant and aware always.

We are ‘going with the throw’ right now and hoping this is another phase. Raising a disabled child really can be heavy going but it also has its humorous moments too.

Thankfully my sense of humour hasn’t yet gone out the window.

Although, if it happens to be lying around anytime soon you just never know -

At least someone is having a smashing time right now!


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