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This week, the Dude has had one of the best school trips of his young life; he and his friends have been ice skating.

Yes, you read that right. Ice Skating. In a wheelchair.

Usually when I tell people that Sam went ice skating and loved it, I’m given a bit of a funny look.

After all, all our friends and colleagues are well aware of just how physically disabled our little boy is ; even sign language is a struggle for him.

And yet, last week, his class went off to a local ice rink and had an awesome time scooting round on the ice in their chairs, with carers and parents doing the pushing.

One of the greatest assets in Sam’s life, is his Dad.

Together they are partners in crime, always pushing the boundaries of what appears possible.

And it was Daddy who was with him at the ice rink; while the staff very sensibly donned spikes to allow them to grip the ice, Sam’s Dad (with encouragement from Sam himself I have no doubt) threw caution to the wind, grabbed a pair of skates, and off they went at some speed!

I have seen the photos. And videos. And there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Sam absolutely loved every minute of it.

My boy is definitely of the ‘scream if you wanna go faster’ type and had the time of his life being pushed around the rink, doing his best ‘fast and furious’ drifting round the corners and, evidently, being a bad influence of the other adults… who by this point had traded in the spikes for skates and were ALSO having a fantastic time with their respective charges!

I can safely say, I have never been prouder of having two men in my life who think nothing of pushing the boundaries and defying conventional wisdom.

Our belief has always been that where there is a will there’s a way; just because Sam makes use of a wheelchair to increase his mobility should never mean that he is prevented from enjoying being a child like any other.

We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by others – school teachers, carers, family and friends – all of whom share that same philosophy.

And I for one know a little boy who thrives on it.


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